911 PCM provides computer and security system services to both home and business. Our Awareness Program, products and services are state of the art and our technology is better than our competitors spec/grade. You'll find our prices are approximately 1/3 to 1/4 of other companies along with our response time "we are 911" being fast and responsive.

Our goal is to bring the customer awareness and better understanding of this "high tech" world so they can make better decisions and get professional grade equipment and services for less money and time. We want to enhance their life by providing continual awareness so that life is more productive and holds value.

We specialize in security camera systems, computer repair and support, security systems, home automation, data back up and recovery. Expect fast professional service and the highest grade equipment and technology. We are the lowest price with the highest grade/spec service provider in the tri-state area! For computer repair and more, contact us today!


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